LED Lighting System


LED Lighting System


State of the art led technology runs cooler & last longer than conventional lighting systems. Custom solid-state leds create a shimmering light that simulates natural sunlight, and a perfect mixture of 10,000K daylight and 460NM lunar diodes provide excellent color rendition in freshwater and marine fish aquariums.


24" LED Lighting System

Output: 14.5 Watt

SKU: AM42802

UPC#: 7-49729-42802-2

Product Dimensions: 22.5x5x0.5"

Package Size: 27x2x6”

Package Weight: 2.2lbs.

Master Carton Size: 27.5x12x12.5”

Master Carton Weight: 24.2lbs.

Case Pack: 12pcs.


30" LED Lighting System

Output: 17.5 Watt

SKU#: AM42803

UPC#: 7-49729-42803-9

Product Dimensions: 28.5x5x0.5"

Package Size: 33x26x6”

Package Weight: 3.3lbs.

Master Carton Size: 34x12x12.5”

Master Carton Weight: 28.6lbs.

Master Carton Pack: 12pcs.


36" LED Lighting System

Output: 22.8 Watt

SKU#: AM42804

UPC#: 7-49729-42804-6

Product Dimensions: 34.25x5x0.5"

Package Size: 39x2x6”

Package Weight: 3.3lbs.

Master Carton Size: 39.5x12x12.5”

Master Carton Weight: 33lbs.

Master Carton Pack: 12pcs.


48” LED Lighting System

Output: 31.5 Watt

SKU#: AM42805

UPC#: 7-49729-42805-3

Product Dimensions: 46x5x0.5"

Package Size: 50.5x2x6”

Package Weight: 4.4lbs.

Master Carton Size: 51x12x12.5”

Master Carton Weight: 42.9lbs.

Master Carton Pack: 12pcs.

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