T5 Lighting System

T5 End and Legs.png
T5 End and Legs.png

T5 Lighting System


Low profile, thermally conductive aluminum housing for cool running
operation. Finished with a protective matte black coating for easy maintenance. Polished amplifying parabolic reflector magnifies both lumen
output & coverage area.

36" T5 Lighting System

Output: 21 Watt

SKU: AM42136

UPC#: 7-49729-42136-8

Product Dimensions: 35.5"x4.25"x1.5"

Package Size: 39x4.75x2”

Package Weight: 2lbs.

Master Carton Size: 39.5x13x10”

Master Carton Weight: 24lbs.

Case Pack: 12pcs


48" T5 Lighting System

Output: 28 Watt

SKU: AM42148

UPC#: 7-49729-42148-1

Product Dimensions: 47.5"x4.25"x1.5"

Package Size: 50.75"x4.75"x2”

Package Weight: 2.2lbs.

Master Carton Size: 50.5"x13x10”

Master Carton Weight: 26.4lbs.

Case Pack: 12pcs


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