Overflow Systems

Our state of art overflow systems are made with quality cell-cast acrylic. These overflow boxes are designed to enhance filtration by siphoning water from an aquarium to an external sump, refugium, or wet/dry. Every overflow features silent operation and will not break siphon during power outages. Easy installation for glass or acrylic aquariums. 


  • U-tube
  • Cylinder Foams
  • Nylon screw and wing nuts
  • Overflow Box
  • AM-Nano has 3/4" bulkhead
    AM-300 - AM-1200 has 1" bulkheads

Nano Overflow System

Optimal Tank Size: 10-20 gallons

SKU: AM87000

UPC#: 7-49729-87000-5

Product Size: 4x2.5x8”

Package Size: 6.5x5.25x9.25”

Package Weight: 2.2lbs.

Master Carton Size: 16.25x13x19”

Master Carton Weight: 26.4lbs.

Case Pack: 12pcs.

300 Overflow System

Optimal Tank Size: 30-75 gallons

SKU: AM87001

UPC#: 7-49729-87001-2

Product Size: 6x3x10”

Package Size: 7.75x7.25x10.25”

Package Weight: 3.48lbs.

Master Carton Size: 22.25x16.5x21.5”

Master Carton Weight: 41.8lbs.

Case Pack: 12pcs.

800 Overflow System

Optimal Tank Size: 75-125 gallons

SKU: AM87005

UPC#: 7-49729-87005-0

Product Size: 8x3x10”

Package Size: 9.25x7.5x10.25”

Package Weight: 4.03lbs.

Master Carton Size: 23x18.75x11”

Master Carton Weight: 24.2lbs.

Case Pack: 6pcs.

1000 Overflow System

Optimal Tank Size: 125-150 gallons

SKU: AM87010

UPC#: 7-49729-87010-4

Product Size: 9x3x10”

Package Size: 10.25x8x10.25”

Package Weight: 5.1lbs.

Master Carton Size: 24x20.75x11”

Master Carton Weight: 30.8lbs.

Case Pack: 6pcs


1200 Overflow System

Optimal Tank Size: 150-200 gallons

SKU: AM87010

UPC#: 7-49729-87015-9

Product Size: 10x3x10”

Package Size: 11.25x8x10.25”

Package Weight: 5.5lbs.

Master Carton Size: 24x23x11.5”

Master Carton Weight: 33lbs.

Case Pack: 6pcs.